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During 2012, an estimated two million units of dangerous toys and children’s products were seized at ports to prevent injury to young children, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

A new report (PDF) released by CPSC, estimates 19,200 toy-related ER treated injuries to children 15-years or younger during 2011.

The agency, above all else, urges parents to remain cautious and vigilant this shopping season when purchasing toys and products for children.

Toy Recalls

This year, the agency issued 38 toy recalls, which included three lead violations. The stats have continued to improve since 2008:

172 Toy Recalls in 2008

50 Toy Recalls in 2009

46 Toy Recalls in 2010

34 Toy Recalls in 2011

Toy-related death reports involve kids younger than 15 decreased to 13 in 2011 from 18 deaths in 2010 and 17 in 2009. The majority of toy-related deaths were attributed to drowning, choking or asphyxiation such as choking on balloons or falling into a swimming pool.

Toy Shopping Safety Tips

For children younger than three, avoid toys with small parts which can lead to choking.

Balloons can pose many safety risks including choking or suffocating. Discard broken balloons immediately and keep deflated balloons out of reach.

Riding toys, including scooters can cause serious head injury and in some cases, prove deadly. Properly sized helmets and safety gear should be used at all times.

High powered magnets can be dangerous and kept out of reach from kids younger than fourteen.

After opening gifts, plastic wrapping and other toy packaging should be discarded as they can be dangerous. Also, battery charging should be supervised as adapters and chargers can cause burn hazards.

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