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These days, you hear about a credit issue every day in the media.  Whether it’s a foreclosure problem, a stolen identity, a wrongful repossession, or simply a bad credit report.  How many times have you sung the FreeCreditReport song?

Credit is very important in life today.  It’s how we function.  Most transactions are conducted via credit or debit.  So, it’s very important that you understand the ramifications.

Equifax now understands.  A jury awarded a woman $18.6 million for her credit problems resulting from their ineptitude.  She was simply trying to get them to fix her credit which had been improperly reported.  After two years and eight attempts, she finally had to file suit.

Equifax, like so many companies, subcontracted such work overseas, and not enough attention was paid to this woman’s account.  That’s the problem with being big and making so much money – you cannot police everything, and therefore, you have to pay when you don’t.

There are laws to protect consumers with regard to credit.  There is the Fair Credit Reporting Act, the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, Lemon Laws, Magnuson Moss Warranty Act, and other consumer protection statutes.  If you are wrongfully treated by large companies and your credit is affected, you should seek counsel to see if there might be a way for you to right the wrong.

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