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You think that you are eating healthy, but what if you found out that despite your hard efforts that you were doing the opposite? Here are 10 things that might seem okay to eat but are actually high in caloric or fat content:

  1. Rice Cakes- This kind of simple carb will stimulate unwanted fat storage and slow down your bodies fat-burning capabilities.
  2. Fruit Juice- Usually very high in sugar and can sometimes even equal the same amount as a soda!
  3. Flavored Oatmeal- Very high in sugar. (Cut down on the packets or use unflavored)
  4. Alcohol- Very high in calories
  5. Salad Dressing- Can be very high in fat (choose low fat)
  6. Muffins- can be very calorie dense
  7. Breaded Chicken of Fish- Loaded with unwanted fat
  8. Frozen Yogurt- contains carbohydrates that are converted to fat
  9. Deli Meats- high in fat and sodium
  10. Regular Sodas- Loaded with sugar

This list has definitely got me thinking more about what I am eating!

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