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In previous posts, we’ve discussed distracted driving in Nevada and how it affects all of us. In fact, an estimated 3,500 distraction-related crashes occur each year in Nevada.

While distracted driving is a serious national epidemic, it can’t be resolved by legislation alone. It involves changing driver behavior and attitudes that will ensure safety on our highways. To that end, another concern that involves changing driver behavior is drowsy driving.

Drowsy Driving Prevention week starts on November 12th this year. The intended goal is to educate all drivers about the danger of driving while sleepy and concentrates on the importance of being well-rested and alert before getting behind the wheel.

Drowsy Driving Stats

The leading cause of death in young people, claiming the lives of more than 5,500 teens, is traffic crashes. Simply put, according to the NHTSA, the number one killer of U.S. teens is traffic crashes.

Sleep-rated accidents are more prevalent in young people who are prone to stay up late, not get enough rest and drive at night. 55% of crashes in which the driver fell asleep involved drivers younger than 25.

Sleep – And Its Importance

Sleep is a necessity and should be part of everyone’s daily schedule. Experts recommend 8.5 hours for teens and from 7 to9 hours for adults.

When sleep is lost, “sleep debt” accumulates and like other debts must be repaid – often at unexpected times, such as while driving.

Sleep affects every part of a persons’ life – mood, learning, safety, health, appearances and more. Sleep can have a positive effect or a negative effect, the choice is up to you.

Nearly 70 million people suffer from a sleep disorder. If you are getting plenty of sleep and still feel tired each morning, it might be a good idea to see your doctor to determine if there is a health issue. Untreated sleep disorders and poor sleep habits can contribute to accidents, reduced quality of life and much more.

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