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When Bayer first released Essure onto the market in 2002, this new “permanent” birth control option was expected to take off, as it provided women with a long-term method of prevention that was cheaper and supposedly less risky than tubal ligation.

Yet since that time, hundreds of women have filed lawsuits against Bayer, alleging that Essure caused them serious harm and that they are owed compensation.

Thousands Of Patients Complained To The FDA

More than 5,000 patients have filled out an adverse event report and submitted them to the FDA since the birth control device was released onto the market.

In their complaints, women have reported that the small flexible metal implants which are supposed to block the fallopian tubes have serious side effects. These side effects include chronic abdominal pain, vaginal infections, hair loss, ectopic pregnancies, migraines, and the perforations of internal organs due to the implant traveling from its insertion point.

In one case, a patient learned that both of the metal implants placed in her uterus had moved, perforating her uterus and rectum. Despite numerous hospitalizations and intervention by her doctors, her only option was to undergo a hysterectomy.

Given the severity of organ perforation, it’s hardly surprising that hundreds of women have chosen to file a personal injury lawsuit against Bayer.

Plaintiff Claims Bayer Hid Information

One of the plaintiffs claims that in 2013, an FDA investigator found an Excel spreadsheet on Bayer’s internal servers that contained disturbing information. That information included over 16,000 complaints involving Essure that apparently hadn’t been reported to the FDA, including numerous instances where the implants had migrated to another part of the body.  

If this is indeed the case, it could impact the outcome of each lawsuit.

The first lawsuits have yet to go to trial and Bayer hasn’t approached any plaintiffs with settlement offers but that doesn’t mean that the pending litigation won’t be successful. If you or a loved one believe you were harmed because of an Essure side effect, learn more.


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