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It’s the time of year that many of us are hosting family dinners and get-togethers for our loved ones. But it’s important to keep in mind some food safety tips (PDF) during the preparation of these meals to ensure everyone stays happy and healthy!

Food Safety Tips

The single most important thing you can do when preparing food is to constantly wash your hands and that of the utensils you are using and wiping down the area of counter you are using, especially when preparing raw meats. Paper towels are the safest cleanup aid as sponges and dishcloths are known to harbor bacteria.

Different cutting boards should be used during the preparation of cooked meats, raw meats and any other type of foods. Do not, for any reason, use the same cutting board.

All fruits and vegetables need to be thoroughly washed to remove any bacteria that might exist on the outside skin.

Most knife injuries are caused by dull blades so it is a good idea to sharpen all knives before the food prep starts.

A food thermometer is a must have cooking utensil to check the internal temp of cooked foods prior to serving.

All leftovers should be labeled and dated and placed in shallow containers.

The temperature should be at least 165° F when reheating leftovers to avoid the possibility of bacterial growth.

Nearly half of all traffic fatalities are related to alcohol use. If you are serving alcohol at your get-together, keep in mind you, the host, can be held liable, so you need to have a designated driver beforehand.

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