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Halloween is just a few days away! Hidden dangers are lurking in costumes, treats and decorations but can be easily prevented by following a few safety tips.

Halloween Safety

Burns from open flames on candles and jack-o-lanterns are the most serious Halloween-related injuries, says the CPSC. Candles and other lit items should be kept away from doorsteps and other pathways where there is expected visitor or flammable items such as curtains.

The second most common Halloween-related injury is tripping and falling. As such, costumes should properly fit and not drag on the ground. Masks should also fit properly so the child has a clear view of where he/she is walking.

Halloween Safety for Parents

Parents should talk to children about safety prior to trick or treating. Including not accepting candy that isn’t securely wrapped or going into the home, vehicle of a stranger.

Small children should be accompanied by an adult at all times. Older children should walk in a group not alone.

Reflective tape and light clothing is important to keep little ones visible in the dark.

Before any candy is consumed, parents should inspect the pieces to detect any broken or otherwise tampered items.

Decorative contact lenses can cause serious eye injury, if possible avoid using them, warns the FDA.

Halloween Safety for Pets

Keep your pet in a quiet, safe place away from the front door as they tend to be anxious with all the noise and confusion of people knocking at the door.

Some pet lovers dress up their pet on Halloween, but if h/she isn’t receptive to the idea, it’s best to ditch the costume.

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