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Cell phone use in cars… Especially texting. This is a growing problem.

But what is the solution? I want your comments.

If you pass a law then will people just use the phone (text) out of site which is more dangerous? If you prevent use by technology, won’t people just work around that by hacking the phone? And isn’t a complete ban too great an infringement on our rights to communicate freely?

Is education and awareness the only real answer by changing our behaviors and habits?

Tell me what you think.


  1. Michael Monheit

    Some comments on this topic can be found here. Please share your thoughts on this topic.

  2. Gravatar for Karen Swim
    Karen Swim

    Michael, this is a question I have pondered. Studies have shown that people know the dangers of texting/talking while driving yet do it anyway. I believe it will take a dramatic shift in the way we live our lives. We have become falsely convinced that communication demands an immediate response, so we multitask while driving. Some will be deterred by law, others by education but like drunk driving it appears that we will need every tool in the toolbox to reduce this problem.

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