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Illinois’ second case of fungal meningitis was confirmed over the weekend. A Chicago area resident was diagnosed with meningitis after receiving a spinal steroid injection at an APAC Center for Pain Management. The injection the patient received was one of the recalled injections from the New England Compounding Center. This is the second case of fungal meningitis in Illinois.

The tragic news of a second Illinois case comes as we are learning more about additional complications people are having once being successfully treated for meningitis. Doctors are reporting that patients who have been successfully treated are now returning with serious brain infections. The first involves pus filled sacs of fluid around the spine, and the second more serious infection is inflammation of the tissue around the nerve roots coming out of the spine.

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation suspended the New England Compounding Center’s pharmacy license in October. However, there were concerns years earlier. From 1999 on there were multiple allegations that the pharmacy was ignoring state regulations. In 2004 the company received a very light reprimand, but was not suspended or placed on probation.

Nationally, 29 people have died from this preventable outbreak of meningitis and over 400 have been diagnosed. If you believe you may have received one of these injections please see a physician as soon as possible.

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    Caroline Petrie

    The Meningitis Foundation of America (MFA), a national organization, would like the public & media to know that information is available regarding the diagnosis, treatment & prevention of meningitis. MFA was founded in 1997 by parents whose children were affected by meningitis. In addition to supporting vaccination & preventing meningitis, the MFA provides information to educate the public & medical professionals so that the early diagnosis, treatment &, most important, prevention of meningitis, will save lives. Meningitis is a dangerous & often times fatal inflammation of the brain &/or spinal cord that can leave survivors with serious life-long physical problems MFA would like to be considered as a news resource for the disease. For further information, visit the MFA website at www musa org.

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    World Meningitis Day 24 April 2013

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