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Unfortunately, IPod, cell phones, Nintendo, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and Computers are turning our kids into self absorbed, careless, shallow and wasteful individuals to say the least. Please don’t be offended I am also talking about my own kids. I see this every time I watch shows with my kids which sadly focus on shallow subjects, teach our kids that life should be a party and you can always get what you want when your disrespectful, screaming and throwing a tantrum. Also, regrettably these programs teach that it’s ok to be mean, deceitful and if what your doing isn’t fun, it isn’t worth doing.

Today, kids pick Hanna Montana, Justin Bieber, or Victoria Justice as their role models. What happed to having Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr. or Gandhi as role models? We can’t blame our kids for their choices of role models, TV or Movie stars are depicted as successful, having power, admired and always getting what they want. What does this say about the kind of adults they will become? It’s time we teach our kids that the world does not revolve around them, their electronic gadgets or their friends and life is not always about having fun. There are children out there who need food, shelter, clothing and someone to care for them and love them.

It is our job as parents to get them more involved in charitable activities and to take away their blind folds and shed light on what really matters in life; after all that’s how you change their choice of role models and create future philanthropist.

Get your kids involved in what matters today before it’s too late when they become those dreaded teenagers.

Here is how we can get them involved:

Party is always a first choice. Plan a birthday party or just a celebration to cheer the kids who are staying at the local crises centers. Take advantage of the fact that kids love to bake and let them be in charge of the cake and /or cookies. Get them to come up with the theme and make their own decorations.

Planting is always fun. Take the kids to plant some trees or flowers at community homes in need of landscaping. Search for gardening volunteer opportunity at your local public gardens and get your kids involved.

Animals are hard to resist. Kids will never say no to helping animals. Volunteer with them at the local humane society.

Arts and Crafts. Make get-well cards or draw fun and colorful pictures with your kids for the local children’s hospital or just for fun cards and art for the nursing home near you.

Sandwiches or baking will end boredom. Keep them busy making sandwiches for the homeless shelter. If sandwiches are not fun have a bake sale and donate the proceeds to a charity.

Kill two birds with one stone with sports. Participate with your kids in a walk-, swim-, or bike-a-thon for cause that’s close to your heart. You’re teaching them to care and enjoy exercise.

Lemonade stands. What kid would say “no” to setting up a lemonade stand and no adult would pass an opportunity to buy lemonade for a save the children or the elephant cause. Just remind the kids that the proceeds will go to that cause.

Story Time. Have your kids pick out books they enjoyed reading to give away to kids at the shelter to cheer them up.

Make room for new things. Ask your kid to donate toys they no longer play with to make room for their future Christmas or birthday gifts.

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