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In this episode, the Law Sisters talk about race. And of course about sex, and how both of those issues have ignited the country — and the workplace.

Leto starts the conversation with interesting, and disturbing details about the White Supremacist movement (in general), and about specific White Supremacist groups.  We discuss the tragedy that occurred in Charlottesville, and how it has led to protests all around the country, including Durham, NC (our home base).

For the rest of the episode, we dive into the intersectional issue of race and sex discrimination in the workplace.  The courts have not always gotten it right!  Our Cases in the News are two this week — we cover the Taylor Swift trial, and the sexual discrimination case brought against Ford for sexual and racial discrimination, while our ‘Bad Boss of the Week’ is a general manager for the ritzy Plaza Hotel in New York City. He is being charged with sexually assaulting female workers of color, and that’s not all!

We even get in some pop culture references! You will get an earful about Taylor Swift, and another about contestants on The Bachelor in Paradise.

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Hosted by: Leto Copeley (@LetoC | Twitter), and Valerie Johnson (@ValerieAJohnson | Twitter)

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