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After an asbestos victim receives a diagnosis of mesothelioma, days, weeks and sometimes months pass while the victim is absorbing the message behind the diagnosis: Life will be ending soon. There is no measure of comfort that can be offered, and no real words of hope can be uttered. After a flurry of research on the internet, and the discovery that there are only minimal and not very effective treatments available, mesothelioma victims have no choice but to turn their attention to wrapping up their affairs, dealing with loved ones, and planning for the hereafter.

Lawyers descend offering the prospect of money. In some cases the money provides comfort, as the victim can feel better knowing that their family will have financial security. In most cases, the money is a bitter reward for an unwanted, undeserved and painful end to life. While it may be better than nothing, there should be more. The anger against the asbestos companies has subsided in the media.

The “asbestos problem” is gone from the public eye. The mesothelioma victim fights a hopeless fight made worse by the fact that it is a lonely fight. The scourge of mesothelioma, and the wrongdoing asbestos companies that have caused this continuing tragedy, cannot be forgotten. While answers to the mesothelioma problem do not seem to be forthcoming, the search must continue. Just as important, the lessons we learn from this social tragedy must be remembered so that similar tragedies can be avoided in the future.

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