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One of the attorneys in our office rides his bike to work every day. He doesn’t own a car. He has some pretty strong opinions about Seattle drives (especially bus drivers).

But drivers aren’t the only ones charged with obeying the traffic laws. Bicyclists have to follow them too.

King-5 News recently reported about a six year-old Seattle boy is home who may require reconstructive surgery after being struck by a hit and run bicyclist.

Noni Echo-Hawk-Lopez is a reserved boy to begin with, his parents said, but now he’s not even allowed to talk because of a fractured and swollen jaw.

Doctors at Harborview Medical Center "had to completely wire his jaw shut," said his mother, Abigail Echo-Hawk.

Fortunately in this case the bicyclist was detained by witnesses before he could get away.

I’m unaware of any insurance companies that sell liability policies for bicyclists (the same way liability policies are sold for motor vehicles). But there are two valuable sources of insurance coverage if you’re injured by a bicyclist: renters and homeowners insurance. Both cover negligent acts by an insured and it may well be that the rider who injured Noni lives in a home, condo or apartment where there is coverage.

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