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A federal advisory committee recently endorsed the idea that both boys and young men should be vaccinated against the human papillomavirus that can result from sexual activity. The panel, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is likely to change the use of the HPV vaccine. Currently, the vaccine costs nearly $300 for pediatricians to administer and these pediatricians often charge the patients hundreds more. However, private insurance companies may begin paying for the vaccine since most private insurers pay for vaccines once the committee recommends them for routine use.

The committee has recommended the vaccine for boys ages 11 and 12 and also males ages 13 to 22 who had not already had all three doses of the HPV vaccine. There are many strains of the HPV vaccine and Merck’s Gardasil vaccine only protects against four of those strains.

Currently, the vaccination rate for young women is low. Only about half of girls between the ages of 13 and 17 have received at least one dose of the HPV vaccine and less than a third have received all three doses.

The low vaccination rate begs the question of why more teenage girls are not vaccinating against a virus that can lead to cervical cancer. A possible reason is that many parents and young women are learning of the potential adverse effects that result from the Gardasil vaccine. Many medical professionals continue to advance the proposition that the medical research has shown that the Gardasil vaccination is safe. However, since the inception of the Gardasil vaccine in 2006, little medical research or case studies have been conducted to verify such propositions. The medical literature is so scant that it is impossible to reasonably assure young women or their parents that the vaccine is completely safe.

While no studies or medical literature (since none or few exist) have either denied or confirmed connection to adverse events, many young women have suffered from lupus, seizures, Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), ALS-like symptoms and some have even died after receiving the vaccine.


  1. Gravatar for Jo

    I might give you credence if you actually linked to any valid evidence that "many young women have suffered from"... all these nasty things. Idle claims without any evidence are just so much fear-mongering, and will kill far more young women than the actual, known potential side effects of the vaccine. Spreading these falsehoods will do the same sort of eventual damage as has been done by the fear-mongers that have killed so many children by convincing their parents that regular vaccinations are evil. How many deaths do you want to take responsibility for?

  2. David Carney

    The CDC and the VAERs database have reports such adverse events.

    As my blog indicated, no research has either confirmed or denied that such adverse events were causally related to the Gardasil vaccine. However, it is true and real that these adverse events have been reported after receipt of the Gardasil vaccine and many cases have been filed in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to petition for compensation for these injured young women.

    The only falsehoods I see are that the manufacturers and the media have continued lead the public to believe that the vaccine is 100% safe, which cannot be true because there does not exist sufficient medical literature to support such a proposition.

  3. Gravatar for Heather Meyers
    Heather Meyers

    Jo You are so sadly mistaken. Call VAERS 1-800-822-7967 ask them the numbers of Injuries and deaths. This article couldnt be more accurate and in no way was misleading, You my dear have not done your research and sadly your ignorant comments are what will lead to death and injury- How many do you want to be responsible for. There are 1000s and 1000s Injured by this vaccine. It is deadly- Try going to utube and typing in Gardasil deaths. Call the FDA, do a little work befoer you make such inaccurate comments, unless that is your another one of Mercks employess pushing something that is injurying our kids. While your at it, look up how many vaccines a child gets now a days. then look up how many Doctors get paid by the Big Pharma to push thier crap!! Then research who in the FDA has ties with Merck. Rick Perry is one of them. I could go on and on but you are not worth it. Anyone thinking of getting this vaccine needs to be aware how dangerous it can be. If you need more info you can find it at talk to a fewe moms and thier sick kids if evidence is what your looking for!!

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