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Law enforcement officers throughout the Silver State are participating in the “Joining Forces” program which aims to reduce the number of speeding drivers on Nevada’s roadways.  The Joining Forces program will be in effect through March 18, 2018.  The program is made possible through a “Joining Forces grant” received from the Nevada Department of Public Safety-Office of Traffic Safety.  In order to stop speeding drivers, officers participating in the program will strategically target areas known for high speeds and areas which receive the most speeding complaints.

The Nevada Department of Public Safety (NDPS) describes the program as a “multi-jurisdictional law enforcement program that promotes statewide enforcement in the areas of impaired or distracted driving, pedestrian safety, speeding and seat belt use.”  According to NDPS, “[t]hrough scheduled Joining Forces events, Nevada law enforcement agencies aim to increase awareness for traffic safety and change risky behavior, thereby preventing crashes and saving lives.”

While past Joining Forces initiatives have sought to enforce drunk driving, distracted driving, pedestrian safety, and seat belt use, the newest campaign has only one target:  speeding drivers.

According to the Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP), this program means that driving even one mile over the speed limit could result in a ticket.  In its recent announcement of the program, NHP stated: “one mile over the speed limit constitutes a violation of the law and you can be stopped.”

While recent reports show that the number of people dying on Nevada roadways is dropping,  the NHP cites several federal statistics suggesting that more than 30% of all road fatalities are the result of excessive speed. According to NHP Trooper Jason Buratczuk, the new program means that motorists “should expect to see an increased presence of law enforcement . . . in the coming weeks.”  “Ease up on the gas pedal and arrive alive,” Buratczuk continued.

While the latest Joining Forces program is set to expire later this month, Nevada drivers should be alerted to the fact that law enforcement officers are cracking down on speeding drivers — even those who are barely going over the speed limit — all in an effort to keep Nevada’s roads safe.

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