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Nevada Assembly Bill 117 is set to take effect on October 1. The new laws will permit bike and motorcycle riders to pass through intersections, during a red light.

The new law allows vehicle such as bicycles, motorcycles an scooters to pass through an intersection if the traffic signal cycles through twice but fails to turn green.

The intended law aims to improve mobility across the state. In light of the new law, the departments of Public Safety and Transportation have joined together to launch “Safe on Red,” a statewide public awareness campaign. As the campaign rolls out, Nevadans will start seeing “Safe on Red” billboards, while hearing public service announcements as well as pamphlets and posters.

An estimated 400 lives were lost in Nevada due to intersection crashes and the campaign aims to help reach zero fatalities.

To overview, the new law states the following:

After complying with the requirement to stop [at a traffic signal], a person driving a motorcycle, moped or trimobile or riding a bicycle or an electric bicycle may proceed straight through or turn right or left if… For more information on the new law and other safety information, visit

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