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Multitasking at the wheel can now cost Reno drivers a hefty new fine.

Starting on August 8 officers will be able to stop and ticket drivers that are observed putting on makeup, reading, or eating etc. – essentially any activity that puts them as well as other drivers and pedestrians at risk while driving. The fine is $305.00.

To be clear, these activities can be done while driving, but a Reno Police Officer can ticket the driver if these activities are causing the driver to be unsafe behind the wheel. This law doesn’t include distractions related to cell phones; that is its own separate citation.

Additionally, another new law is now in effect for Careless Driving on all roadways including parking lots and alleys.

“The Careless Driving is speeding in any area where there’s other people, unsafe lane change, screeching your tires while attempting race and other activities. The fine is a whopping $450.00 for those caught Careless Driving and also covers DUIs.

Take the time to make sure you are aware of all the new traffic laws taking place in Reno before you find yourself with a big ticket to pay.

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