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A few simple safety rules can mean the difference between a safe, Happy New Year’s Eve party and one that goes horribly wrong.

The single most important thing you can do is to plan ahead, and arrange a “designated driver.” As the host of the party, you are responsible.

Contact a local cab company and find out if they are offering free rides.

Serving non-alcoholic beverages can be a safe option.

Provide your guests for somewhere to say should it be necessary.

If you are serving alcohol, stop serving hours before the party winds down.

Attending a New Year’s Eve Party

Don’t drive, if you drink! A couple drinks or feeling buzzed is still driving impaired – it’s not worth the risk to you or other drivers and pedestrians on the road.

Plan ahead and pick a designated driver that will remain sober or near the phone so you can call them when you are ready. Many cab companies offer free rides on this night of the year, find out before the big night.

Never leave your drink unattended, it’s an old rule but still as important today.

Lastly – whether you are attending or hosting, take the keys away from someone that appears too impaired to drive.

Practice safety, but Happy New Years!

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