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The third deadliest day, for pedestrians, is Halloween night, particularly during trick-or-treating. Between small kids crossing the street without always using the best judgment at their young age and adult partygoers out drinking – the danger is that much greater.

“If alcohol is involved in the night’s festivities, a safe plan should be made in advance to designate a sober driver, ahead of time, to ensure everyone’s safety,” says Trooper Chuck Allen, Nevada Highway Patrol.

The number of deaths among pedestrians is four times higher on Halloween night for kids, between the ages of five to fourteen. But there are some things that trick-or-treaters can do to ensure their safety.

Trick-or-Treating Safety Tips

Stay in groups when possible.

Stay visible by using sidewalks and crosswalks.

Young children should have adult supervision at all times.

Kids should wear reflective tape and/or carry a flashlight so they can be seen in the dark as many costumes are dark.

Not all pedestrian accidents occur on the street, in fact, many can happen on the sidewalk. Parents should encourage kids to exit on the right of the vehicle to avoid bodies in the travel lane.

To make matters worse, October 31 is also Nevada Day, and that happens to be a day known for high DUI’s. Be careful and plan ahead. Happy Halloween!

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