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In case you missed them, below are aritcles from The Legal Examiner and elsewhere around the web that we think will be worth a few minutes of your time. Happy reading!

Legal Examiner Articles

Mark Bello shares the story of Deborah Watts – a Missouri woman who fought tort reform and won.

How do electronic health records and incentives for medical providers to switch affect the patient experience? Harmony Miller takes a look.

David Lowe challenges America's stance on gun gontrol. Great, controversial post.

Lots of talk this week about enrgy drinks being linked to teen deaths. Brett Emison points out that, since these drinks are categorized as dietary supplements, the FDA has little regulatory authority.

With Halloween coming up next Wednesday. Linda Chalat offers safety tips for grown-up ghouls.

Elsewhere Around the Web

Max Kennerly discusses Ethics, Civility and the Agressive Lawyer. – (Litigation & Trial)

Who is Brian Tannebaum voting for in the presidential election? – (Criminal Defense)

Ronald Miller (a newcomer to the links) looks at injury cases from both sides of the fence and talks about the necessity of filing suit.

"To be a phobia, the fear has to be somewhat irrational. Yet every day, we’re bombarded with stories about people dying from contaminated needle injections in medical settings. Meanwhile, lawmakers continue to pass laws trying to solve the massive problem of medical negligence on the backs of injured patients. So who’s irrational now?" – (The Pop Tort)

And from a couple of weeks ago, Kyle Wingfield from the Atlanta Journal Constitution shares how tort reform could increase access to justice for patients. (AJC)

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