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Happy New Year! We're back for the fist edition of the links for 2013. Lots of good stuff from atorneys since last we posted, so let's jump right in!

Legal Examiner Articles

"Studies have shown that driving after not sleeping for 20 hours straight is equivalent to driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.08, the legal limit in most states." – Mike Ferrara, Cherry Hill

"No company likes to be sued. There's not only the time and the expense, but the damage to the company's reputation." – Eric Chaffin, New York

"It is the 'worldwide web.' What you post and disclose may be used against you in a court of law; even a seemingly innocent comment." – Mark Bello, Farmington Hills

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”. Is this the case with Fracking? – Jackie Fedeli, Central Pennsylvania

"As patients and users of Mirena become increasingly aware of the symptoms and dangerous side effects of the IUD, more and more attention should be brought to the FDA to raise awareness as to the potential negative effects it may have on the user." – Michael Monheit, Central Pennsylvania

"Whatever the reason, the fact remains that numerous nursing home residents are injured or killed by bed rails every year. It appears that both the FDA and the Consumer Product Safety Commission have been aware of this situation for years, but each claimed the other was responsible." – John Favaloro, Virginia Beach

"Results of the NIH study of Seau's brain revealed abnormalities consistent with chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). He joins a list of several dozen football players who had CTE." – Mike Phelan, Richmond

Elsewhere Around the Web

"'The enemy' had just given me link juice and readers. It took just a heartbeat to fully comprehend the nature of the blogosphere. We are not islands unto ourselves, but this is an ongoing conversation." – Eric Turkewitz, New York Personal Injury Law Blog

"Does the doctrine of assumption of risk come into play here when the line drive slams into this young woman’s face?" – Eric Turkewitz, New York Personal Injury Law Blog

"While the question of who came up with this idiotic idea, and who actually executed it, remains unanswered, there is no question about who will pay for it." – Scott Greenfield, Simple Justice

"As we wave good-bye to 2012, we come up to the ten year anniversary of the law mandating rearview cameras, and yet it has still not been implemented." – Scott Greenfield, Simple Justice

"For those who have studiously ignored technology for the past decade, in the misguided expectation that it would go away and we would be back to looking up precedent in ALR 3d, those days are gone. Sorry, but they are." – Scott Greenfield, Simple Justice

"DES did not work but instead caused cancer, infertility and other serious physical problems for the women who took it, and even more extensively, the children they carried who were exposed pre-natally." – Joe Consumer, The Pop Tort

"But Corporate America has been on an unyielding mission to make it more difficult to bring class actions. In 2005, after years of lobbying, they got what they wanted: the so-called federal “Class Action Fairness Act,” which tosses (“removes”) into federal court virtually all big consumer class actions, clogging the federal courts and creating unnecessary nightmares for federal judges." – Jocelyn, The Pop Tort

"Isn't one of the key purposes of medical records in the first place to determine upon the appropriate course of care and provide rationale for that care to both document the treatment and explain the care to future doctors treating the patient?" – Ronald Miller, The Maryland Injury Lawyer Blog

"Ultimately, it is hard to argue with the court's logic. The world is rich with potential distractions. It is the driver's responsibility to avoid those distractions." – Ronald Miller, The Maryland Injury Lawyer Blog

"But even if you can take just a few days off — turn off the iPhone, don’t check your voicemail, forget your work email — you’ll be surprised at how beneficial it can be." – Leo Mulvihill, Philly Law Blog

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