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Assemblyman Dick Daly, recently presented Assembly Bill 236 to the Senate transportation committee as a safety bill. The measure would permit motorcyclists to drive between lanes, thereby skipping traffic jams; if they are careful in doing so.

“When it is possible to do lane splitting, it increases statistics of road safety,” Daly said.

The measure would also help address overheating problems due to motorcycles being air-cooled and they don’t do well idling in traffic when it’s hot which is a particular concern for riders in southern Nevada. The same is true also for riders that wear heavy leather for safety reasons.

A Closer Look at the Proposed Bill

Motorcyclists would be able to drive up to 10 mph faster than slow-moving traffic and up to a max of 30 mph. Lane splitting would only be applicable when at least two lanes are going the same direction.

On-Duty police officers are currently the one ones permitted to split traffic. The only state that allows civilians to lane-split is California.


Rear collisions are responsible for an estimated 1 in 5 motorcycle accidents, according to Pete Vander with the state Department of Public Safety.

Collisions at “even 5 to 10 mph can result in serious injuries and death to motorcyclists. As such, the chances of such collisions would decrease with the passage of this bill.

The measure was passed by The Assembly last week. The bill is expected to be brought for a vote before then next deadline.

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