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There are fifty new laws going into effect, in Nevada, for the New Year. The 2015 legislature adjourned in June, but the bills will become fully or partially effective on January 1, 2016.

Below are a few of the laws that will take effect in Nevada tomorrow.

  • The Department of Education will now be required to set up a hotline to take reports on school bullying that will be reported to police and local education officials. The names of the complainants will be anonymous with the exception of a criminal case.
  • Workers Compensation: SB 231, among other things, will make it more difficult to file a claim when injured on the job and under the influence of a controlled substance. This law can make it harder for workers who may have a prescription for say, pain medications, and suffer injuries on the job or if they get re-injured.
  • Police Body Cameras: AB 162 will help the Nevada Highway Patrol set up procedures and protocols. The NHP is currently the only law enforcement agency that is mandated to implement body cameras by 2017.
  • Assembly Bill 176 refers to the “Yellow Dot” program in Clark County. Under the program, motorists can affix a yellow dot decal on their vehicle, alerting first responders to important identification and medical information in the glovebox.

Here is the complete list of new Nevada laws taking place for 2016.

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