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All social media accounts including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook can potentially harm your personal injury case if you’ve been involved in an accident that has an ongoing court case.

Most posts, whether you realize it or not, can contain a host of information that insurance companies and defense attorneys can use against you. Don’t make the mistake of assuming this information cannot be found. These parties are experienced and have the know-how and resources to find this information fairly easily.

In today’s technology paced world it is important to remember that once something goes online, it’s online forever. Therefore, if you have a pending personal injury case, consider everything you post before the world sees it.

Also keep the following tips in mind next time you post on one of your social media accounts while your personal injury case is pending:

  • If nonsensical stuff is already posted on your social media sites, be honest about it and disclose it.
  • Avoid posting unsavory content on Facebook, at all costs, that has the potential to affect your claim. It’s best to assume anything and everything can be found.

Next time you post something on Twitter or Facebook, ask yourself how you would interpret the information posted if you were a defense attorney looking for ways to poke holes in a case. If anything, make their job harder for them and not easier. And, honestly, this advice is good measure even when you don’t have an ongoing case; you never know who is watching.

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