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Sometimes help is only a click away…

Social media is becoming a viable outlet for families in dealing with special needs children and special education concerns.

The group “IDEA & IEP TIPS” on Facebook can assist families in a variety of special education needs, including:

  • * What can I do as a parent when the school refuses to help my child?
  • * What IEP law is broken when school provides services without parents’ permission?
  • * Have AT already in place in the IEP. Now if I want someone (third party) that has consulted with our school district before. Would ask to for a new re-evaluation?
  • * Does the sole diagnosis of PTSD qualify under “Emotional Impairment” if a counselor states symptoms of that diagnosis interfere with a child’s education (Such as repeated suspensions for “Continued Class Disruption” and “Inappropriate Behavior?

The group, which acts as a social support network for families raising a special needs child, shares tips on obtaining free public education (FAPE), assistance with individual education plans (IEP), and guidance with the disabilities education act (IDEA).

As with any social media outlet, it is important to not post any personal information about yourself, especially if you are involved in a lawsuit of any kind. Posting to the group may reveal your personally identifiable information, and may be read, collected, or used by others on the forums.

If you have ANY questions contact Rachel Mancuso CEO and Founder or board member and IDEA & IEP Tips group founder

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