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When a bad storm hits, we see images in the news media outlets of those people living in the heart of the storm's wake. We should be reminded, however, that families living away from the storm's center can be affected by these nasty winds. We all recently heard about Hurricane Sandy and her devastating effects along the coast. But one story, the story of Tripp Halstead and his family in Winder Georgia, has touched me deeply.

From what I understand, Tripp (a toddler) was at his daycare playing outside on October 29, 2012 when a tree branch damaged from Hurricane Sandy's winds fell on his head. A freak, and devastaing accident resulting in a traumatic brain injury in a toddler. Thanks to the quick thinking of those around him, Tripp was rushed to the hospital and is currently devying all medical logic and beating the odds. I have been drawn to his parents' heroic posts on Facebook regarding his progress and find myself cheering for each good day that he has and hating to hear about his pain.

The day care did nothing wrong here. Tripp's own parents have admitted they would have had him outside playing that day too. These storms have become so dangerous and severe that folks away from the storm unfortunately wrongfully assume they are safe. Let's all rally around Tripp and his family and donate here so that his parents can continue to stay by his side at the hospital.

Lindsay Rakers

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