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Children are not safe from dresser tip-overs and consumer safety advocates are calling for stricter, enforceable standards following the release of a new report.

The report focused on test results of 19 different dressers in which only nine passed vigorous testing.

Chests of drawers that are not attached to the wall are not safe – the only true and safe measure is attaching it to the wall. The products are not designed to be freestanding; they are designed to be attached to the wall

In July, Ikea announced a recall of more than 25 million chests and drawers after three children died in dresser tip-over accidents over a two year span.

If the dresser is not anchored to the wall, when multiple drawers are opened or if a child climbs on it, the dresser can tip and serious injure or entrap the child.

Safety standards that ensure dressers are stable, are currently voluntary, but some lawmakers are pushing for legislation to make the standards mandatory.

Prevent a Tip-Over Tragedy

Sturdy – Televisions should only be placed on furniture designed to hold a TV.

Secure – After choosing a sturdy piece of furniture be sure and secure your TV by anchoring it to the wall.

Mount – Flat-screen TVs should be mounted to the wall or furniture to prevent them from toppling over.

Instructions matter – make sure and follow the manufacturers guide for properly securing furniture.

Remove temptation – remove all items that might grab the attention of a little one and tempt them to climb to retrieve it such as the remote.

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