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“Are you ready to save hundreds by switching to [insert insurance company here]?”

Today it seems as though every insurance company is out to save you money, but how much are you really saving? Most consider insurance a “necessary evil”, paying the premiums only because they know they are supposed to. It is not until their property is destroyed or their health in jeopardy that they understand the true nature of insurance companies and just how difficult it can be to get their claim approved.


Still struggling with insurance claims, homeowners affected by Superstorm Sandy continue to face an uphill battle with insurance companies to have their damages recovered. Even where relief was provided, the companies managed the entire contruction process, frustrating and enraging policy holders.


With the effects of the storm hindering commercial as well as residential buildings, many businesses crippled by the storm ready themselves for the inevitable legal fight ahead, facing denial of business interruption claims even after building shut down, property restriction, and flood damage.


Adding to the insurance frustration, health insurance companies continue to worry more about premiums and less about customers, allowing millions to renew their coverage in an attempt to undermine government efforts to make insurance available and affordable to the masses. Analysts anticipate the renewal of current policy holders will cause a large percentage of individuals in the government insurance exchange program to be sick and elderly, increasing individual medical costs and driving up future premiums.

Insurance is meant to protect our health, our property, and our prosperity. The increasing insurance premiums and insurance claim denials continue to enrich the companies and neglect the individual. If you have had a claim denied or been wronged by an insurance company it is important to seek legal consultation immediately.

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