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Workers compensation fraud was the topic of a Channel 13 ABC News special investigation November 12, 2007, when Toledo, Ohio workers compensation attorney Chuck Boyk was interviewed as a workers compensation expert. When a worker is injured on the job, costs such as medical bills and lost pay are covered by workers compensation. Channel 13 went in-depth to uncover occurrences of workers compensation fraud, which happens when an employee injured on the job claims he is too hurt to go back work, but puts in time at another place of employment.

Toledo, Ohio workers compensation attorney Chuck Boyk has represented over 1,000 indisputably injured workers in the past ten years. When asked to comment on hidden camera evidence reflecting workers compensation fraud, Chuck Boyk had this to say, “What they never show you is the 30 to 40 tapes they made following the people where they don’t find anything.”

Chuck Boyk’s interview on Channel 13 ABC can be viewed by clicking here: Toledo, Ohio workers compensation attorney.

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