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Almost three months after Hurricane Ike plowed into the gulf coast, some residents are still trying to put the pieces back together. Many homeowners are now having problems obtaining a fair settlement for claims related to damages caused by Hurricane Ike. Over 1,700 complaints have been filed with Texas Department of Insurance by individuals unsatisfied with the way that their claims were handled. While this is a relatively small number when compared to the over 530,000 insurance claims filed in the aftermath of Ike, this number will also probably increase significantly in the coming months as more and more people become frustrated with their insurance provider.

The most common problem that people seem to be experiencing is undervalued or underpaid claims. This usually occurs when the insurance adjuster does not adequately evaluate damages or compiles an incorrect or deficient estimate for the related damages. If the settlement amount offered by your insurance provider is insufficient to perform the necessary repairs to the damaged property you should not accept this offer.

It may take weeks or months of back-and-forth conversation and tireless persistence to get your point across to your insurance company, and even then you may not see eye to eye on the issue, but it is important that you do not accept a settlement that will not pay for the damages to your property. Insurance providers are required to act in “good faith” and rightfully compensate you for the damages that your property has incurred.

In many cases homeowners will eventually seek the assistance of an attorney to help settle their claim. Most attorneys that handle these cases work on a contingency basis, meaning that they are paid a percentage of the amount that they recover for a particular client. Attorneys experienced in this type of work know what it takes to get the job done and help expedite the process.

If you are having trouble handling your claim contact us today and let us help you. By filling out the form on this page you will be connected with an experienced attorney that can help end your frustration and help settle your claim.

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