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Some of our U.S. Senators, lead by Mitch McConnell, are trying to chip away at our safety laws aimed at truck drivers and trucking companies.  We all drive on our community roads and highways.  If trucking companies are not properly regulated, our safety is at risk.  According to Public Citizen:

  • 11 people are killed in crashes involving big trucks EACH DAY;
  • almost 4,000 drivers and passengers are killed in truck crashes every year;
  • 100,000 drivers and passengers are injured in truck crashes each year; and
  • when a truck crash does occur and a truck crash fatality results, 96% of the time it is the person in the passenger car that is killed.

Despite these statistics, some U.S. Senators want to strip away trucking regulations instead of working on keeping us safe.  These senators are simply trying to undermine vital truck safety laws.  They want to:

  • allow a few HUGE trucking companies to drive even BIGGER and HEAVIER trucks;
  • allow already overworked and fatigued truck drivers to drive 82 hours in a single week; and
  • allow insufficient insurance requirements that haven’t been updated since 1985 – which allows trucking companies to avoid paying for their wrongs.

Folks, we cannot allow this to happen.  The trucks are already too big, too heavy, too dangerous.  The truck drivers already are driving too many hours with not enough sleep.  The trucking companies already are skimping on insurance coverage which means if you or a family member is seriously injured or killed, you aren’t paid for all of your harms and losses.

Speak up.  Contact your state Senators today and tell them that he/she cannot put truck company profit over your family’s safety.

Lindsay Rakers, Missouri Truck Attorney

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