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Now that summer is just around the corner it is important to be prepared as you put on your swimsuits and lounge in the sun all day. For a little reminder I wanted to go over some of the consequences associated with sunburn and not wearing your sunscreen. Did you know that one blistering sunburn can double your likelihood of developing cancer?? In addition, chronic sun exposure will cause premature wrinkling and aging of your skin.

Skin cancer from sun exposure in a very serious health problem in the US and it is affecting millions every year. One out of 87 people will develop malignant melanoma (the most serious type of skin cancer) and 7,300 of them will die each year.

Another effect of sunburn is suppression of the immune system. When the skin becomes burned the distribution of white blood cells in your body can be adversely affected. When the function of the white blood cells is compromised they are unable to fight off infections as readily. After each sunburn this suppression can last up to 24 hours, howeverm in the case of repeated sunburns the suppression can become permanent!

So avoid all of these dangerous effects by wearing sunscreen while enjoying your summer!!!

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