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Not every slip and fall or car accident results in an injury requiring surgery.  Not every crash involves a truck (like this recent Missouri tractor trailer crash).  Not every dog bite results in a scar.  Frankly, attorneys all want the “big injury” cases – folks suffering serious injuries at the hands of someone else’s carelessness are going to have no problem finding an attorney (a good attorney might be a different story and everyone should do their homework before hiring a lawyer).

But what about the people who have had their lives affected, perhaps even turned upside-down, but haven’t suffered “severe” injuries in the eyes of the adjuster?  Don’t these people deserve to be compensated for all of their harms and losses as a result of defendant breaking the safety rules that are designed to protect us all?  Aren’t these people entitled to solid representation to get them there?  I think so.

There is a saying that there are no small cases, just small lawyers.  I stand behind this saying.  I work on cases big and small.  The size of the incurred medical bills is not the only determining factor for me.  I look at a variety of things including the acts of the defendant, the character of the potential client, and the effects of the car accident motorcycle accident slip and fall on the client’s life.  A low impact car crash can cause devastating results – the speed of the careless driver does not always determine the resulting injuries.  Every person is different.  A person may have pre-existing conditions that made her more susceptible to further injury.  A client with $5,000 in medical bills could have an injury that simply can’t be treated.  I have represented clients who have very low medical bills but have suffered a traumatic brain injury.  Just because there can be no further treatment to help this person doesn’t mean she isn’t hurt.  Also, a client may have suffered a soft tissue injury – an injury to her soft tissue structures that does not appear on diagnostic testing.  The adjuster may believe the injury is “mild” – but it isn’t mild.

This is not to say I take every single case.  When I meet with a potential client, I am very direct in that I tell them when I don’t think they need me.  Also, once I sign a client up, if things develop where the client is in a car accident and incurs $20,000 in medical bills, the negligent driver only had $20,000 in insurance coverage on the date in question, I tell the potential client that the insurance adjuster may offer up the $20,000 insurance limits without my involvement.  In my opinion, what benefit to I serve in that situation – why should I take an attorney’s fee if I didn’t earn it.  In such circumstances, even if I have signed up the client, I back out and let the injured person take the money and pay her bills.  On the other hand, if the insurance adjuster for any reason does not do the right thing – either delays or denies – I will aggressively fight.

When folks are injured as a result of a personal injury incident – injured as a result of a careless individually knowingly violating our community safety rules – these injured individuals have a right to aggressive representation regardless of the significance of the injury in the adjuster’s eyes.  Protect yourself and speak with various injury attorneys prior to making your selection.

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