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The Ohio Supreme Court recently made a wise and courageous decision regarding damages available under the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act. Recognizing the emotional toll that a defective product can cause a consumer, the Court ruled that in certain cases, consumers who win under the CSPA can also recover damages for emotional distress and so forth.

The Supreme Court’s decision was a fair and balanced decision that provided for just comensation to victims of unscrupulous sellers and manufacturers.

But, the victory may be short lived. Lobbyists will see to that.

Lobbyists are now pushing the Ohio Legislature, and I mean pushing, to wipe out the penalties and damages available to those who prove a violation of the Ohio Consumer Sales Practice Act. The effort would be an attempt to negate the work of the Ohio Supreme Court and the work of two Ohio Attorney Generals.

Victims of deceptive sales practices should call their legislator and demand a “No” vote on any amendment to thr CSPA that would eliminate the penalties and damages for injured consumers.

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