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Our Toledo, Ohio social security disability attorneys have seen the affects that social security disability waits have on those suffering personal injury. Organization with paperwork, frequent follow-up calls and detailed descriptions of treatment and diagnosis can help with preparedness and could prevent any extra wait time while anticipating a social security disability hearing.

Social security disability claims have been met with huge barriers in the past seven years, resulting in what the New York Times calls a “purgatory” for those suffering personal injury. With only 1,025 judges covering all social security disability appeals hearings, and not enough funding to hire additional employees, the wait for a social security disability hearing has jumped from 258 days in 2000 to 515 in 2007. Attorneys representing those who have filed a social security disability claim, like our Toledo, Ohio social security disability attorneys, help with filing the appeal. While initial social security disability claims are occasionally denied, roughly two-thirds of claimants who appeal the denial eventually win their cases.

Those whose personal injuries have prevented them from performing “any kind of substantial work” for at least 12 months can claim social security disability. As reported by the New York Times, the injured must prove that he cannot work in any job setting, or prove that the illness or personal injury is expected “to result in death.” Yet during the wait for a social security disability hearing, the personal injury or illness could become worse. This long wait for hundreds of thousands of Americans has caused some to lose their homes or file bankruptcy. Some have even passed away, as they wait to receive the funds that could easily pay for treatment.

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