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Jack Frost is about to start nipping at your windshield making this the perfect time to start winterizing your vehicle so you are ready. In no particular order here are some important safety tips to remember when you start winterizing your vehicle.

Car Battery – Have a battery load test run to determine if your battery needs replacing as the cold weather requires more from your engine. Even if you don’t need a new one the mechanic will clean it up for your and make sure it is in tip top shape.

Wiper Blades & Fluid – Being able to see clearly is important but you need to ensure that your windshield wipers are properly working, as well as a solid supply of wiper fluid are most important. The lifespan on wiper blades is a year, it’s best to replace them yearly before they are worn and frayed. Depending on where you live, you may want to invest in wipers that are designed to withstand winter weather.

Snow Tires – While snow tires can’t and won’t completely stop you from slipping and sliding in your car, they do provide more traction than that of regular tires.

Tire Pressure – If you aren’t interested or able to have snow tires, make sure you keep your regular tires properly inflated during winter months. Cold weather causes air pressure in the tire to drop for this reason it’s important to have properly inflated tires to ensure the best possible contact between the road and the tire.

Antifreeze – The mixture of anti-freeze and water in your radiator should be 50:50 to prevent coolant in your radiator from freezing. An inexpensive anti-freeze tester can be purchased from any auto parts store if you are unsure.

First Aid Kit – Plan ahead and make sure you have emergency supplies at all times which include a blanket, flash light, snacks, flares and water.

If cars aren’t your thing, the best thing to do is have a mechanic give your vehicle a good once over and to check all fluids, hoses and parts.


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