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What are the insurance companies doing now? They are using "Utilization Review" in order to cut off workers compensation benefits. How does that work?

Well, the Alabama Workers Compensation Act allows for "Utilization Review". That means that the workers compensation insurance carrier can submit your medical records to a third party physician to review and determine if they are related to the injury. If that third party physician says, "No", the workers compensation carrier cuts off the injured employee’s benefits.

How does this work in practice? Take my client for example. She had surgery approximately ten (10) years ago. Her workers compensation case was settled, and her medical was left open for future treatment. Typically, that is what happens in workers compensation cases. The person receives medical treatment for the related injuries for the rest of her life.

For ten (10) years, my client has been receiving prescriptions and medical treatment for her injuries. Out of the blue, the insurance carrier sends her records to a foreign doctor in El Paso, Texas who opines that her injuries and medical treatment are not related. So, the insurance carrier, under the "utilization review" provision, cuts off her medical treatment.

Why did they wait ten (10) years? How can this doctor supersede my client’s local doctor’s opinion when he hasn’t even examined her. Shouldn’t the "Authorized treating" physician have the final say? The insurance carrier approved her "Authorized Treating" Physician.

This is ridiculous and unfair, but that is how the insurance industry works. Insurance covers everything but the loss. All they want is their money and to hell with everything else – morals, humanity, sympathy, kindness, and generosity. It is all about the bottom line. People talk about "greedy trial attorneys" when they should be talking about "greedy insurance companies".

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