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Here is a pop quiz from Confined Spaces. It reminds us it is not only accidents which are killing and injuring workers in America today.

Violence Continues To Injure And Kill Workers

Although workplace violence has fallen from the second leading cause of death in the workplace to fourth, it remains a major source of injuries and fatalities in the workplace.

A couple of good new studies on workplace violence have been issued recently with some interesting results that need to be considered as part of the debate about what the role of federal and state occupational health authorities should be in preventing these hazards.

But first a pop quiz to test your knowledge.

1. Who are the most common perpetrators of workplace violence?

a. Co-workers
b. Health care or residential patients
c. Criminals (e.g. robbers)
d. Spouses and former boyfriends

2. After suffering a workplace violence incident, most employers will

a. Implement or change their workplace violence policies.
b. Do nothing, hoping it was just a fluke that will never happen again.
c. Call OSHA
d. Punish the victim

3. Which Occupation suffered the most violent incidents (in Oregon)

a. Police and detectives
b. Guards
c. Nursing aides
d. Teachers (except post secondary)

The answers can be found at Confined Spaces.

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