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KRGV has reported that a father and daughter were severely burned when their vehicle caught fire and burst into flames.

BROWNSVILLE – A Brownsville mother is looking for answers. Her daughter and husband were severely burned when their car burst in flames.

Today, the Brownsville Fire Marshal ruled the cause of the car fire is un-determined. The accident happened over the weekend near Harrison and 7th Street.

Nunez says her husband shielded their daughter while they were caught in the flames. He then pulled her out of the burning vehicle.

The 27 year old man and 3 year old girl are recovering at a San Antonio hospital.

The Brownsville fire marshal is hoping an expert from the international association of arson investigators can shed more light on the cause of the fire next week.

Fire accidents like this are tragic and should not happen.

A person should not survive a crash only to be burned alive in a vehicle fire.

Car makers know that people should not burn alive in their vehicles, but it happens nearly every day. According to the US Fire Administration, post-collision vehicle fires are the leading cause of vehicle-related deaths. These fires ignite for a variety of reasons, including failure to incorporate anti-siphoning (anti-leak) valves, failure to include fuel filler tube check valves, misrouting of fuel lines, failure to protect fuel lines, improper placement of the fuel tank inside the vehicle’s crush zone, and inadequate shielding of the fuel tank.

You can learn much more about vehicle fires… what causes them and how they can be prevented at this previous article: Burned Alive: What You Need To Know About Fuel Fed Fire Defects.

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