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While driving to work this morning I noticed a middle-aged man next to me in an SUV, smoking a cigarette in one hand, shaving with the other hand and still driving. By the way, he had a cell phone propped up between his shoulder and left ear to boot. All this behavior is still legal in Florida.

In spite of the rising number of Florida auto accidents caused by drivers engaged in texting or using cell phones, the Florida Legislature has done nothing to stop the dangerous behavior. Several bills were introduced in Florida this year but never made it out of committee. It seems there’s just no political will to pass much needed legislation. There are advocacy groups behind such measures but they never receive the kind of political support necessary to usher a bill through committee and eventual passage.

In the meantime, we’re all at risk and exposed to these dangerous drivers. Until it becomes illegal, Floridians will continue to be injured and killed as a result. You’d think they’d be a law against it. . .

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